Congressional Correspondent Hates Transcribing

The power of NewsIntel service is as the first to deliver live text feeds of unfolding news from the United States Congress.

Adapting the promise of machine learning for the purpose of timely, accurate journalism provides immediate raw materials for citations and fact checking by bona fide news organizations. The cleanest transcriptions are also the slowest, performed meticulously by trained professionals. FedNet produces true verbatim transcripts at industry-standard delivery schedules.

The power of NewsIntel’s platform is threefold: Natural language processing (NLP) and automated speech recognition (ASR) combined with live syndication. This means that artificial intelligence can articulate the spoken word into readable text with ever-improving error rates while identifying distinct voices for immediate attribution. That said, NLP is innately inaccurate; the tool is for authentication rather than citation.


Most events are fed live. Moments after an event begins, its text feed is readable by subscribers as a flow of words. Moments after an event ends, subscribers can expect the text lightly edited and Members of Congress identified.

Some events are fed after an event is over due to on-site constraints ranging from video/audio capture to Internet connectivity. Leading Multimedia Coverage of the U.S. Congress for over 25 years, FedNet deploys industry-leading acumen and experience to ensure consistent live and near-live delivery.

The House and Senate Radio-TV galleries update credentialed news organizations the evening prior of planned news events. Soon thereafter, FedNet allocates resources and adds covered events to the site. Typically, you’ll see regular weekly press conferences by that Monday morning though schedules are always flexible. Times shown are tentatively scheduled, so feeds will not begin until the events do.

Some press conferences are arranged with little notice at ad hoc locations. Like all congressional correspondents, FedNet is sometimes forced into a reactive mode. Every effort is made to deliver scheduled coverage.

At launch time, NewsIntel covered press conference held by U.S. House and Senate leaders, caucus leadership and pre-planned news events around the Capitol complex using FedNet’s penetrating proprietary network.

FedNet is often on location, capturing video (interested?) and the precious audio heard on the NewsIntel platform for speech-to-text translation. In all cases, on-site logistics dominate FedNet’s coverage decisions, including newsworthiness criteria. After all, NewsIntel is can be anywhere at once so you don’t have to defy physics or risk your health to get the quotes you need.

Great! We want to make your life easier. If you are in the building everyday, you probably deal with turning audio into words to use for copy or get heads’ up to colleagues already.

If you’re at the Ohio Clock on a Tuesday, Leader pressers will be ready by the time you get back to your desk upstairs. If you’re in the House studio for a weekly news conference with the Speaker, read along as she answers your question and grab the words rather than type away furiously your keyboard.

Are you a regular in the hallway scrums? Email us about sourcing material through your own app to supply your newsroom or add to our coverage in return for credits and discounts.

If you’re someone outside the Beltway looking in, the frontier of newsgathering is perfect for you.

Great question. Timecode observation is one of our most popular use cases. NewsIntel is an unparalleled navigation tool for videographers, video editors and producers to find the soundbite they need without listening through a piece of media or an event. Rather, bureau staff are reading along and listening back to log and keep shotlists for turning around video even faster in today’s rapid environment.

Absolutely! FedNet will create a customized access plan for your entire newsroom!

Have your editor or office administrator email us about setting up an enterprise level subscription to keep your desk fed with a steady diet of live words, at least so your copy editors can quickly and easily prevent a misquote or misinterpretation to slip through. NewsIntel is the journalist’s fastest reference.

The shortest answer is, it depends. If it’s a committee hearing, probably so. If you’re seeking an on-site event at a venue in or around Washington DC, additional production charges may apply. FedNet has conducted field production around the country dating back to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Inquire about custom coverage needs by email at least two weeks before a desired event occurs if it’s outside the Beltway.

Yes, of course! As with a desktop, you’ll see live words on your smartphone or tablet handheld device. You’ll notice that the website is adaptive i.e. it conforms to your screen. The bytes that come through are subject to your mobile data plan with your coverage provider. WiFi is generally more dependable.

Let’s talk! We are interested in broadening our scope of coverage just like you are in securing comprehensive coverage of your beat as a subject matter expert. Maybe you follow a committee. Maybe you’re tracking a cabinet department or official. Maybe it’s some combination thereof.

So whether it be the Trump administration, defense, health care, tech and telecom, finance or another set of issues, simply inquire about your custom coverage needs by email. NewsIntel is already expanding past the halls of Congress.

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