About NewsIntel

NewsIntel provides Online and Mobile Access to live congressional press events streaming verbatim text of the spoken word in real-time.

FedNet’s NewsIntel service allows you to read the text as the words in the press conference are spoken. Audio is instantaneously synchronized to the text is provided at the conclusion of each event matching the playback of the audio to the text for playback.  This provides immediate clarification of what was said and by whom for proofing and accurate reporting. 

Members of Congress are quickly identified from our database within moments of the event’s completion.  Summary Keywords appear on the event screen, in word cloud format, to quickly advance you to the portion of the event that the words were spoken. The event is keyword searchable and available to copy for editorial use instantaneously.

NewsIntel provides comprehensive coverage with numerous simultaneous news events happening each day NewsIntel provides blanket coverage of all Hill-based events including standard media location press events, weekly Senate and House Leadership press conferences, and authorized stakeouts. Schedules are posted to subscribers weekly, daily and up to the minute as events change.  Archives of events are available for one week with longer archives. Requests for coverage can be made by premium subscribers – we want to make sure we are covering the events you need.

About FedNet

FedNet is a credentialed news organization and the leading provider of multimedia content of the United States Congress. FedNet maintains a robust video network throughout the Capitol complex for use in broadcast and web-based production. FedNet began broadcasting Congress on the web in 1996 and since that time has broadcast over 10,000 live hearings and press conferences and complete, gavel-to-gavel, live coverage of the Senate and House Floor Debates each day.

FedNet’s reputation for solid, innovative products and quality production of footage for a wide client base has persisted. Whether on-site with a camera crew or capturing and processing content, FedNet’s capabilities at the intersection of multimedia, the federal government and Congress have been sought after by a range of clients including CQ Roll Call, The Los Angeles Times, Tribune Publishing, McClatchy Newspapers, The Washington Post, National Academies of Science, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and others.

In 2002, FedNet launched a proprietary searchable video database to provide timely, searchable access, retrieval, editing and posting of streaming coverage from the Senate and House Floor Debates. Millions such clips currently exist in the database and its users have access to over 40,000 hours of archived video. Every spoken word in the chambers since January 2002 is available through an easy-to-use web-based interface. reCap was sold to Congressional Quarterly (since FiscalNote) in 2007 and is currently managed by FedNet.

In 2012, FedNet released VUGUV, the first committed mobile streaming video of Congress. FedNet has provided video for any screen since that time. In 2019, FedNet launched NewsIntel, syndicated live text for news media clients.